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Necropolis, the City of Prepetual Darkness, 40,000 feet of hell on earth is back! The beings of Necropolis have waited to get at you. If you think you know what fear is, we've got news for you. This time, you’re not going to make it back. Come on Sissies, come to Necropolis and see what we've got in store for you. Voted one of Haunted Attractions Magazine's Top 25 Must See Haunts in America, the pathway to Necropolis is open this Halloween season.


There are places in America that residents know are most certainly haunted! These dark locations are full of ghosts, ghouls and other shadows of their frightening past. Indiana's HAUNTSBURG Haunted House is one of those white-knuckle places... where fear hangs in the air.

Indy ScreamPark

The newest, biggest, scariest and best haunted attraction in the area. Just minutes north of Indianapolis. Check out the 5 extraordinary attractions (NACTMAHR, KURAYAMI, DARK HARVEST, BACKWOODS, and BEDLAM 3D) and a Monster Midway.

Fright Manor

See if you can survive both haunts at Fright Manor Haunted House, The Abandonment and Psychomanthium. Michael Myers (Casey Hendershot), from Rob Zombie's Halloween movie remake, will sign autographs on October 21, 22 and 23.

Sneak Peak - Indy ScreamPark

The Smiley morning show takes you on a video tour of this week's haunted house - Indy ScreamPark.